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A conversational podcast between two middle aged parents who used to be cool but now drive a mini van.

Apr 25, 2023

This week, The Maier's get together after Kristin's 44th birthday to discuss: refs, online communication, Oiler's vodka, 44 Things You May Not Know, SOW, punk reunions, and Spotify DJ.

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Apr 18, 2023

This week, the Maier's get together with the Hachey's after spending the afternoon at Penticton's Fest of Ale! Topics include: flavours, old websites, Fest of Ale, Mario Bros movie, body hair, getting in trouble, hockey pool finale, Bedard sweepstakes, SOW, playing 1979, and songs from 1980.

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Apr 11, 2023

This week the Maier's get together to discuss: aging, juice cocktail, The Masters, dress shopping, Easter, Canadian St names, pool update, 80's & 90's trivia, SOW, 1st Nation's music and twee.

Reach Us:  @kmaemaier  @chrismaierbc  @hwywhoney

Apr 4, 2023

This week the Maier's get together after attending a youth concert performance for Ignite the Arts. Topics include: laundry, Oliver, the Goonies, songwriting camp, Canadian Fun Facts, Pool update, SOW, first time on stage, and Euro Dance.

Reach Us:  @kmaemaier  @chrismaierbc  @hwywhoney ...