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A conversational podcast between two middle aged parents who used to be cool but now drive a mini van.

Jun 25, 2018

This week the Maier's re-group from their kids end of school madness and swap bicycle accident stories. Topics include: food waste, Palmer's 100, Stranger Conversations, end of the year, kids say the darndest things, pot legalization, things to do in Canada, Ronaldo, emberrassing bike accidents, John Mayer, S.O.W and...

Jun 18, 2018

This week the Maier's go on separate "field trips" and live to tell the tale. Topics include: hot lunch returns, wine touring, World Cup, Backing out of the driveway, more road rage stories, Osoyoos Desert Center, Dominion Observatory, home schooling, the Canadian silent treatment and S.O.W.

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Jun 15, 2018

In our second half with special guest Matt from the Reasons Are Several podcast we talk Canadian Jeopardy, visiting Canada, Trudeau and politics, the library, shit from above, sex robots, strip clubs, Matt's appearance and S.O.W.

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Jun 12, 2018

This week the Maier's are excited to have Matt from the Reasons Are Several Podcast visit the show. We had so much fun meandering from topic to topic that we had to break it into two parts to fit it all in! Topics in this episode include: Solo, Stanley Cup final, NFL, early maturity, Greyhound, Portland, social media,...

Jun 5, 2018

This week has Kristin catching Chris up with all of the crazy news of the world this week. Topics include: found money, blogging, Roseanne, Trump tariffs, Kinder-Morgan, Usain Bolt, Sam Bee, jailed granny's, Alicia Witt, Penticton Now, good job, and S.O.W.

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