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A conversational podcast between two middle aged parents who used to be cool but now drive a mini van.

Jan 31, 2023

This week, the Maier's get together post Syd's surgery to discuss: PAC ladies, OK Google, garage project, tonsillectomy, being put undeer, pool update, sports streaming, SOW, the Rankins, and Daisy Jones & the 6.

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Jan 24, 2023

This week the Maier's bump their usual recording night to Sunday so Chris can go to a local concert. Topics include: shower notes, Starbucks, CPP application, bourbon smash, What Does Your Drink Say?, metal fans, Billy Maddison, hot lunch, poll update, SOW, heavy music, and MS music.

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Jan 17, 2023

The Maier's sit down together after an eventful week that included a trip to the ER! Topics include: married couples, the cut, the hospital, car accidents, shopping cart etiquette, Blue Sky cocktail, pool update, SOW, OLN is back, and Elvis.

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Jan 10, 2023

This week, the Maier's squeeze in a recording after a busy day! Topics include: Superstore run, FACPA, Moon Cursor, Speaker of the House, neice's birthday, Tinwhistle Brewing, Lomi, MRI, pool update, 3 stars, and SOW.

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Jan 3, 2023

This week, the Maier's spend a quiet New Year's Eve at home to discuss: Robux, no kids, Elderflower Spritz, bottle thief, That 90's Show, baby names, Google searches, top video clips and songs, SOW, and memories of 2022.

Reach Us:  @kmaemaier  @chrismaierbc  @hwywhoney